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The World Flower Council (WFC)

is an established organization dedicated

to furthering the cause of world peace through the beauty of flowers

and the sharing of knowledge among those who have chosen the floral industry

as their profession or their passion.

Juzaburo Sekiye,

the Founder of the World Flower Council in 1983,  had a dream of furthering the cause of world peace through sharing a love and knowledge of flowers...

"making a flower the symbol of peace and culture without regard to country boundaries."

In 1983,  before all this technology, it was felt that there was a need to come together, to meet, greet, learn, reach out and develop life long friendships.

By doing so we can bypass geographical boundaries and  come together in peace to understand and respect the cultures of other members.

At the present time,  despite all our technology, the world situation is quite tumultuous and the goals of the World Flower Council Members  are even more relevant.

WFC is a global organization  to include all floral lovers ~

everyone and anyone who has ever touched or been touched by a flower !

World Flower Council
World Flower Council