5 Ways to Take Your Presentations from Good to Great

            Holly Haveman

            Holly Haveman

By: Holly Haveman

In the latest World Flower Council Summit in Kenya, we had the pleasure of being wowed by the presentation and demonstration skills of Tim Farrell, AIFD AIFC AAF PFCI. Tim’s performance on-stage left most of us feeling inspired, impressed, and incredibly jazzed up to be part of the world of floristry. During his floral workshop, as well as the grand finale floral demonstration, Tim captivated the audience with his charisma, backed up by knowledgeable tips, tricks and tales from his 20+ years in the floral industry.

We all know that “communication is key”, however, some of us may not feel so confident getting up to speak in front of others. Listed below are five things that Tim did during his floral demonstrations that we can all keep in mind to help us take our presentations from good to great.


1.     Encourage interaction.

As soon as Tim began his floral workshop, he let the audience know that even though he was on stage, this presentation was about everyone. He encouraged people to ask questions, share opinions, and to get involved.


2.     Share stories.

Throughout the presentation, Tim shared stories about his life and his experiences that helped the audience get to know him and to relate to him. From his story about starting out in the floral industry as a water bucket boy, to the story when he decided to open up his own shop as a fresh college grad with an accounting degree, to his story about his wife overcoming breast cancer, and everything in between, the audience was able to learn about his life, and thus, paid even more attention because they felt like he was one of them, and that they knew him.


3.     Use data and facts.

As Tim was doing his floral workshop, “Tension in Design”, he warmed the audience up into floral terminology by sharing the official AIFD definitions as he talked through different designs. Utilizing facts and data in presentations helps to educate the audience, and makes the information as straight forward as possible.


4.     Choose examples which are easy to understand.

During Tim’s floral design workshop, he showed many different floral techniques, and as he explained things he used simple, everyday examples which were relatable for people and easy to understand. When he showed a radial arrangement, he told the audience to think of fireworks, and how the light comes out from one central point, just as the flowers in this type of arrangement radiate from a central point.


5.     Raise the energy and get creative.

In his final floral demonstration, “Rhythm in Design”, Tim utilized music to take the audience on a floral journey from birth, to childhood and teenage years, through love and loss, and on to death and the unity among us all. Not only was the music a unique addition to the presentation, but it was also fun and had the audience singing along and eagerly waiting to see what the next floral demonstration and song would bring. Getting creative gets you remembered, and anyone who attended the WFC Kenya Summit will surely remember this particular demonstration for years to come.

All together, these five tips, combined with a bit of humor and a hearty smile, will help you to be more charismatic and relatable when presenting ideas and messages to others. They will help you take your presentations from good to great, whether in the floral realm, or in other aspects of your life, and help you be recognized and remembered. Good luck with your next presentation, whatever it may be!

Many thanks to Tim Farrell for being such an inspirational guest of honor at the World Flower Council’s 2016 Summit in Kenya.