Twins of R Society, Shanghai





WFC is pleased to announce the formation of the Shanghai Chapter of WFC with the joint leaders being “The Twins” Vella Chen and Volla Chen a.k.a Chen Wenrong and Chen Wenxuan of R Society. It promotes an international platform where they can serve and share the essence of flora designs to people around the world.



The twins love of flora and botany started from their grandfather, where they gained the fundamentals of flora designs at a young age. Then started travelling to various countries to learn flora design; Singapore, Japan, Korea, France and England, also embracing these country’s culture andhistorical and traditional way of flora design.


 Flowers serve as an optimal medium to allow the twins to ‘formulate’ both traditional and contemporary flora designs into one; that’s the unique product of R Society, our signature. As R Society has developed the twins have been able to share their unique styling with the public and students alike with students from all parts of China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong sharing their ideals. We admire our student’s passion to embark on alevel of flora art.


The twins say "We are delighted to be asked to be the World Flower Council (WFC) Shanghai Chapter Leaders as we both strongly believe that this will better bring more positive exposure to flora art and most importantly the exchange of different cultures and way of life from different people from different countries, thoughts and insights.  WFC was indeed a wonderful international platform for outreach to all. Today WFC has members in 40 over countries and continues to spread peace through flowers by forming lasting relationships around the world.


This directive is in parallel with R Society. We will strive to spread love and peace to this part of the world.


Thoughts from “The Twins”

Vella:  “Life is short, chase your dreams when you are young”

Volla: “We gather the essence of different cultures and floral arrangements.”