In the Fall of 1989, a Student Exchange Program was initiated with two students from Japan. Tomi Nakomori and Sanae Honda were placed with two family owned flower shops in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, for three months. The program and the experience was absolutely priceless for everyone. 

The goal of the revised WFC Student Program is the same as the original Student Exchange Program   ~  the sharing of knowledge within the floral industry, and to promote world peace with the beauty of flowers.  And this goal has blossomed with the international membership, contacts and connections.  Now as a WFC Student member,  you have access to and can contact talented floral designers and leaders in the floral industry.  You are introduced to a broader outlook on floral designs and techniques as you witness designers on a global platform. At the annual Summits,  you have the opportunity to meet them,  work with them, participate with the shows and workshops,  learn and connect personally.  

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