Executive Officers

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

R. Lynn Hoffman
International Chairman

Owner of wholesale and retail florist in South Florida (USA) for 25 years.   Joining WFC in 1992.  Has represented the USA in multiple country design presentations.  Served as president of the USA WFC chapter beginning in 2010 and now as International Chairman.  Currently residing in Hollywood, Florida (USA) and the mountains of West Virginia.

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Efren Chatto
Former International Chairman

Efren M. Chatto has been a World Flower Council member since 1990.  He was the recipient of the WFC Floral Nobel Prize award in 2003.  In 2010 Efren was named International Chairman of World Flower Council.  He has over 30 years experience in managing various farms, including vegetables, strawberries and cut flowers.  At present he is the Chairman and President of King Louis Flowers & Plants, Inc., an agri-business firm based in Baguio City and Manila.


Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Robert Meinders, WFC Board of Directors

Owner of ARC Pyrotechnics, Inc. and formerly CFO of American Floral Service (AFS).  Bob lives in Oaklahoma City, USA.  A philanthropist  and generous supporter of the arts in his community and around the world.  Bob is a long time, dedicated supporter of WFC and floral education.


Herman Meinders, AAF
Co-Founder and former Chairman

Co-founder of World Flower Council, International chairman of WFC from 1985- 1995. Founder and owner of AFS (American Floral Service) which became part of Teleflora.  A noted leader in promoting floral education and generous philanthropist in the floral industry, arts and education.  Resides in Oaklahoma City, (USA) with his wife LaDonna.  1997 recipient of the WFC Floral Nobel Prize and 2013 WFC Floral Laureate Award of Distinction.


Els Hazenberg, AAF AIFD, CAFA
International Vice-Chairperson
Representing the Americas, Europe and Africa

Representative of the Flower Council of Holland for many years.   A noted international demonstrator and teacher of floral design.  Representing the Netherlands at the Tournament of Roses Parade as designer and now judge.  Els has taught floral design at AFS and now Teleflora for more than 30 years. 2002 recipient  of the WFC Floral Nobel Prize.  Her home is in Aalsmeer, Netherlands where she enjoys botanical art as a hobby.


Phubast (Poo) Chesdmethee
International Vice- Chairperson
Representing Asia and the Pacific Rim

Phubast (Poo) Chesdmethee started in the family business at a young age and today continues to operate Malaiwan Florist, Bangkok, Thailand.  Joining WFC in 1996 as he represented Thailand at the Summit in Capetown, South Africa.   Poo is in demand as an international designer to royalty and heads of state designing in more than 30 countries.  He is floral consultant and head designer for the Royal Palace of Brunei Darussalam.  2005 recipient of the WFC Floral Nobel Prize.

Malcolm Angus head shot.jpg

Malcolm Angus
Newsletter Editor and Assistant to the Chairman
Aukland, New Zealand